Case studies


We have worked extensively with the Oral and
Maxilofacial Surgeons of Central India. We have
worked extensively in TMZ, Cleft lip and Mandible
reconstruction Surgeries. A few documents detailing
the learnings that we have accuired from these
cases are attached on your right.

Our Creative Process

Our Recent 3D Design &Sequential Procedure

Model Conceptualisation and Planning

Total end to end conceptualisation of the model to be designed

3D Designing and Modeling

Visualisation and walkthrough of any particular model (Monochrome or Colour)

Dimensional Scaling

Scaling and resizing of the model, according to the dimensions into which the model has to be printed

3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping

Actual construction of the object from 3D models/meshes such asĀ .obj, .ply or .stl files.


Final touch to the model to achieve the desired finish and other physical properties


Colouring the model to incorporate the correct colour scheme of the model

Client Testimonials
Thank you very much for the cooperation and support extended to collaboratively organise the temporary exhibition on 'Eutherian Mammals to Man' with RMNH Bhopal. The exhibition proved very successful.

- Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma
Scientist-in-charge, RMNH Bhopal

It is indeed encouraging to respond the clarian call of some enthusiastic educationists from acclaimed institutes- teaching the science of man and specially the chapters of core scientific interest.
- Dr. Prodyot Gangopadhyay
-Formerly Scientific Officer, Anthropological Survey of India
We the members of Anthropological Survey of India, Central Regional Centre, Nagpur sincerely appreciate the 3D models of Human Evolution fossils and prehistoric tools created for Zonal Museum.

- Dr. Ratna Dhar
-Head of Office, NSI, Regional center Nagpur

Our Clients

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