We bring your ideas to life

We are a company founded in 2016 with the purpose of bringing affordable 3D printing to central India.


We Primarily Specialize In Model Making By The Use Of 3D Printing Technology.

Anthropological fossil models, stone tools and other such artifacts

CT scan reconstruction for museums/doctors.

Anatomical modeling for medical/dentistry

Replicating real world objects

Mechanical working model

Architectural models


We have worked with hospitals (Dental/ Medical) throughout central India providing over 250 maxillofacial and other such surgical guides. We have developed Human Evolution Galleries for museums complete with fossils, pre-historic stone tools, panels and live models for the amazement of the visitors. We have developed architectural models for various builders and even a live action diorama of the Ancient Indian city of Dholavira for a local science museum. We have 3D scanned ancient sculptures of museums and replicated them with the help of 3D Printing. We have reproduced a fossil trapped in a rock with the help of CT scanning and 3D printing technology without having to actually excavate it. We have created simulations for ancient bones and recontructed them for the delight of the scientists in our area.