Anil Kumar Shrivastava

(Executive Director)
Patrician Creations Pvt. Ltd.


Anil Kumar Shrivastava is a seasoned sales professional with over 40 years of experience, specializing in institutional and channel sales. Currently, he focuses on supplying 3D-printed replicas of human evolution fossils to educational institutions and Creative Museum Designers. With a strong academic background and notable roles at Avery India, Shank Avery, Honda Power Equipment, and Canon India. His products are recognized by esteemed institutions like the Geological Survey of India, Anthropological Survey of India, and Archaeological Survey of India. Mr. Shrivastava’s customer-centric approach fosters enduring client relationships, while his market insights drive sustainable success. As a consultant, he offers valuable guidance for organizations establishing new museums, leveraging his extensive sales acumen and sector understanding.

Dr.Prodyot Gangopadhyay

(Principal Consultant),
Palaeoanthropology, Physical Anthropology and Specimen Manufacturing,

(Formerly Scientific Officer, Anthropological Survey of India)


Dr. Prodyot Gangopadhyay, born in 1953, is a distinguished Biological Anthropologist with extensive contributions to academia and social service. Graduating from Calcutta University in 1976, he earned his Ph.D. from Ranchi University in 1987.Dr. Gangopadhyay’s career began at the Anthropological Survey of India, where he made notable contributions to projects like the People of India study and DNA Polymorphism of Indian Population, resulting in publications in impactful journals like PLOS-1. His interests expanded to Palaeoanthropology, culminating in curated exhibits and significant fossil discoveries, including the Hominin femur from the Narmada River basin. Beyond academia, he actively participates in social service initiatives, earning him accolades and prestigious memberships in scientific institutions.

Sanjay Shukla

(Principal Consultant),
Social Anthropology and Museum Gallery and Display Design

(Formerly Assistant Keeper, Anthropological Survey of India)


Sanjay Shukla, an M.Sc. (Anthropology) graduate from Dr. Hari Singh Gour University in 1985, boasts extensive fieldwork experience across multiple Indian states, particularly focusing on tribal communities. With prior roles at I.C.M.R, Jabalpur, he led various research projects. Shukla is a life member of esteemed institutions and has authored over 10 research papers. He played a crucial role in enriching several prominent museums across India and curated exhibitions on diverse themes. His research interests span social structure, tribal health, and museology. After 33 years of service, Shukla retired from the Anthropological Survey of India, leaving a legacy of significant contributions.